Why do people avoid us when we are at our lowest, poorest and most vulnerable?

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Why is it that our friends and family avoid us when we are at our lowest, poorest and most vulnerable?

Is it fear?

Is it the fear that if they help us out, they’ll have to continually help us out until they’re as poor as us?

As illogical a thought that sounds, it has some logic behind it.  After all, it’s all about self-preservation, isn’t it?

If we help someone out and give them everything we have, we’ll end up in the same situation as they are, won’t we, and so… the natural instinct is to give them some generic advice and hope they go away, sort themselves out and come back when they’re not in trouble, right?

Sometimes I think fear is our greatest weakness.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of the truth.  Fear of being unloved/uncared for/getting left behind/having no one/having too many people to worry about/having too little/having too much/having too little time/having too much time and so on…

Whatever we do, we should do to the best of our abilities without fear, or perhaps if not without fear, we should consciously make the effort to be brave(r), more generous (of our time as well as money) and approach every hurdle with the strength of 1,000 people.

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