Ted is a British Fashion and Fitness Photographer who is based in Canary Wharf, London but does most of his work in America and Europe.

He has been involved with the fashion industry for the last 26 years, studying fashion and ladies shoe design early on and then jewellery design and editorial makeup a little later. Fashion photography was a natural progression and remains his passion. 

His work has appeared in numerous publications like American and Italian Vogue, Professional Photographer, FHM and Skin Two as well as many online e-zines. 

When Ted is not doing campaign work, he likes to collaborate with young fashion designers, models, actresses, makeup artists and stylists on indie projects.

He is and has always been particularly interested in eco, ethical and sustainable fashion.

Ted is a Certified Level 3 Inferno Hot Pilates® instructor and has been a Mysore style Ashtanga & Bikram yoga student since 08/17.

He has published a photographic book on Ashtanga Yoga (The Primary Series) with fellow Ashtangi and Yoga teacher Valeria Macchione (@yogaechic) and is currently collaborating with other Yoga teachers and Pilates instructors on other books.

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