Welcome to Yogatiful!

Welcome to Yogatiful.

My name is Hina Sohail.

I am a Yoga Trapeze Teacher ® and a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach.

I have been practicing Yoga since 2006 and teaching it since 2012 to home bound women (online) to help them stay fit without worrying about leaving their responsibilities.

I am also a YTC YOGABODY® Trapeze® teacher​

Hello Working Ladies!

Yogatiful knows how important your health is and how busy you all are, you want to stay in your homes on weekend and take care of the weekly chores.

You want to spend your weekends with your families, yet you are gaining weight and feeling stressed as you want to be healthy, pretty and relaxed at the same time.


Join our weekend classes and start working out, manage your weight on weekends and be stress free, OR HAAAAAANNNN!

Yogatiful knows how hard you work for every rupee, so we value your money.


Book your classes every week and don’t pay any extra money!

Yogatiful: an extremely useful group enabling you to transform your body and mental health by incorporating yoga, meditation and exercise in your daily routine. The routine runs at a perfect pace, flexible timings and in a flawless manner. Whilst working with Yogatiful, there has been new found flexibility within me in a matter of weeks.

Adam Mirzas

Hina is the best Yogini I have ever met.  I have felt a huge difference in me after joining her classes.  My body has become flexible and my mind has relaxed.  Hoping to see more improvement.

Felicia Johansson

U r the best yogi in town Hina!  Such a dramatic teacher - never seen anyone like you in my life!  Keep working hard! ❤️❤️❤️ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Jennifer White